Restoration Station

Restoration Station

The Restoration Station is the spot for gearheads to get the tips and techniques from the experts to help get your project car up and running.


Stage Emcee: Bogi from the hit-series All Girls Garage

Bogi first succeeded at working as a professional mechanic and owning her own automotive repair shop before beginning to host “All Girls Garage” when the TV Show launched in 2012. She is dedicated to exciting the next generation of automotive professionals while empowering and strengthening the current industry.  180° Automotive is Bogi’s award winning auto repair shop in Phoenix Arizona.

Stage Emcee:  Bogi from the hit-series All Girls Garage

Restoration Station Schedule

Stop in to the Restoration Station and see presentations and demos on these topics:

  • The A to Z of a Restoration – From Selecting Your Vehicle to Planning to the Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Rust Repair Techniques and Demo with Molly Gursky, Owner of Driven Restorations
  • Hammer and Dolly – A Demo Through the Basics and Tools with Kev Dog from Bitchin’ Rides
  • Body Filler Demo – Proper Application and Techniques
  • Wetsanding Techniques and Demo
  • Upholstery and Carpet Kit Demo
  • Radio Install and Wire Sodering Demo with Mike Fata of Sound Decision

Watch for full stage schedule and speakers to be announced.