Pinstripe Workshop with Von Hot Rod

Von Hot Rod Pinstripe Workshop at The Classic Auto Show


Saturday, March 16, 9am-12noon

Saturday, March 16, 9am-12noon

HURRY LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE!!  In this 3-Hour Hands-on Workshop, you'll learn the secrets of pinstriping and get hands-on instruction from the pinstriping master -- Von Hot Rod.  This exclusive event will cover many aspects of the art, including paints, brushes and types of lines and designs.  Beginners are welcome and you are welcome to bring along any other art materials or projects.

Cost:   $250 (includes 3-Hour workshop + Supplies + Saturday Admission to The Classic Auto Show)

To register for the workshop, click here.  Select "Von Hot Rod's Beginner Workshop" to complete your purchase.   

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT THROUGH 11/30  -- SAVE $25! with promo code:  "VONEARLY"