Auto Detailing Studio

Auto Detailing Studio

The Auto Detailing Studio is the spot where all you can learn everything you need to know about detailing your car from the inside out.   Pick up the latest techniques from industry pros who want to help you get your car “show ready".


Kaan Aya has been immersed in automotive culture all his life.  From a young age, he loved being around vehicles, learning about them, and understanding their unique character. Since those early days, Kaan has honed his knowledge alongside some of the most well-known experts in the automotive care industry. Today, Kaan has numerous certifications and awards to his name—including those from the International Detailing Association, Esoteric Elite Detailing Academy, and Rupes. He has detailed some of the rarest and most exotic vehicles in the world, including those showcased in SEMA and the International Michigan Auto Show.  Kaan’s thirst for perfection is demonstrated by every  car he touches. He has the ultimate respect for a vehicle’s character, history, and DNA—a respect that wins over customers who share the same passion and affinity for rare and exotic vehicles.            





Daily Demos on the Stage Include: *Times TBD

  • Wax, Sealants or Coatings:  Which One is Best for You and Your Vehicle
  • Lacquer, Single Stage or Multi-Stage Paint -- How to Get the Most Gloss Out of Your Style of Paint  
  • Tips to Effectively Clean Your Wheels
  • Understanding Defects in Your Paint and Effective Methods to Permanently Remove Them
  • The Future of Auto Detailing and What to Expect 
  • How to Safely Perform Car Show Wipe Down and Dust Removal 
  • Tips to Effectively Clean Your Windows