Restoration Station

Restoration Station

NEW to the Classic Auto Show is the Restoration Station – the spot at the show where enthusiasts can hear from the experts, share stories and get advice, plus learn real techniques to get your build up and running.

Check back for stage schedule and special guests closer to the show

Stage Emcee: Dennis Pittsenbarger

Dennis Pittsenbarger is a towering “guy’s-guy” and is a walking encyclopedia of automotive history and fuel- powered folklore. He’s a racer, automotive industry expert, and classic car restorer always hunting for his next great set of wheels.  He was the voice of Hot Rod Radio, then as the star of Discovery’s “Highway to Sell” with multiple, high profile automotive spokesperson roles in between including being named the "Official Host of SEMA”.    Dennis is now on the team of Cars Illustrated.

Drive fast, work hard and talk about cars... constantly.  Always attempting to know all the ins-and-outs of every make and model - and he loves to burn rubber in all of them.  He was only 12 years old when his dad pushed a beat-up 1964 Chevy Bel Air into the backyard and told him he could keep it if he got it to run. He hacked away at it until it turned over...

Few other drivers can claim to have driven at Wisconsin's Road America, Oregon's Portland International, California's Laguna Seca, New York's Watkins Glen and in the Great American Stockcar Series as well as countless drag strips and local "after hours" hot spots.  

Stage Emcee:  Dennis Pittsenbarger