Los Angeles Convention Center
March 2-4, 2018

Classic Car Clubs

See the best car clubs from across the US!

Seeing a classic car driving along the highway brightens any enthusiast’s day and thanks to the dedication and commitment of the Classic Car Clubs around the country, it’s a sight that remains in the present rather than past.

Classic Car Clubs are the heart of the classic automotive community and play a vital role in ensuring the promotion of the historic and classic car movement. The Classic Auto Show celebrates the important work that the Classic Car Clubs do by showcasing them and the cars they are passionate about.

Joining a Classic Car Club is a fantastic way of meeting like-minded people and getting out and about with fellow car enthusiasts. Clubs have a wealth of expertise and experience amongst their members and can give advice on maintenance and renovation or even purchasing and selling. The Classic Auto Show is the ideal place to learn about the various Clubs on the scene, what they offer and how they pay tribute to your favorite car. 


Here are just a few of the participating car clubs that you will see in January!

Booth 1611
Booth 1501
Booth 1601

Booth 1301
Booth 1521
Booth 701

Booth 720
Booth 643
Booth 1021

Classic Car Club of Southern California
Grand Blvd
Booth 2601
Booth 1843

Booth 2256
Booth 743
Booth 2543

Booth 2643
Booth 1943
Booth 1743

Booth 901
Booth 1201
Booth 2345

Booth 943
Booth 1101
Booth 2301

Booth 1221
Booth 1701
So Cal TRIBE Car Club
Booth 1143

Booth 2101
Booth 1045
Booth 1711

Booth 2015
Booth 861
Booth 1543

Booth 1353

Classic Car Clubs: Would you like to take part in the Classic Auto Show? Classic Car Club booths are offered free of charge on the understanding that Clubs do not undertake any atypical commercial activity at the event. Clubs are permitted to sell their own club merchandise or branded goods; but this must be secondary to your vehicle display.  To request more information, click here or contact Samantha at 603.842.2148 or samantha@theclassicautoshow.com.